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the right leaders in your organisation, for today and tomorrow

Unearthing treasure takes time. So does identifying and developing leaders. Additionally, the leadership qualities needed for today may not be the right ones for tomorrow. As a result, forward-thinking companies are constantly looking at investing in their leadership portfolio and often rebalancing them.

We are a first mover in the market to support you in building your leadership pool. We first understand your organisation. Then, we proactively and continuously introduce potential candidates to you. We look for the deepest of matches - an alignment of skills and values, and a common commitment to professional development. This may not necessarily lead to immediate hiring, yet it allows you to have a measure of the talent pool in your industry, and create a medium to long term outlook for your succession plans. And needless to say, it also gives you an edge in the global war for talent.

We have built up a track record in the following industries and functions:

Client industries: Telecom, healthcare and life sciences, consumer goods, financial services, energy, engineering, aviation and technology

Functions: Finance, Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Commercial Services, Strategy, Risk Management, Engineering, IT Services

our global talent network

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across cultures, beyond borders

Using our 20+ years of recruitment experience, we focus on understanding our talents in great depth. We find out what they can do and what their potential is, as well as who they really are. Only those who fit your requirements and your organisation’s DNA are then introduced to you.

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experiencing almarea

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how our clients experience us

“The personal touch, being available, telling it like it is, connected to our Values as a business. And - having talent like Astuti - she makes a REAL difference”
HR Director, Consumer Goods industry

“Your intention to understand beyond the CV, but the person and his/her story, with his/her talents, capabilities, ideas and wishes - this very much influences the way you talk about candidates and represent them to us”
HR Development Manager, Telco industry


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Almarea’s business and registered office:
Heinrichstrasse 235
CH-8005 Zurich

CHE-234.307.590 MWST (VAT Number)