Enabling you to live your life filled with legacy

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Trustworthy expert support for your personal growth

We strongly believe that with perseverance, courage and focused actions, you can achieve your life goals, both personal and professional ones.

We offer you a self-transformation process in a safe environment – you steer, we guide. You will go through a detailed process comprising reflecting on who you are; what legacy you want to have in your life, identifying your strengths, potential, and aspirations; analyzing where you stand today; unblocking your limiting beliefs and creating a realistic goal of where you want to be in the near future. A clear actionable plan is what you will have at the end of the process, along with the strong sense of liberation.

We utilize coaching and hypnotherapy to deliver the most effective and profound changes in your life in the shortest amount of time. No reasons to delay living the life you want!

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how our clients experience us

“Professional, warm and inclusive, quickly established mutual trust”
Finance Director, Consumer Electronic industry

“You are indeed connected (deeply) with candidates. You take the time to get to really know them and understand what they need and how to enable their success”
Finance Director, Consumer Goods industry

“The quality of the relationship, responsiveness and close follow-ups stand out in the collaboration with you. Networking and placing the human being in the centre”
VP Services, IT industry


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Almarea’s business and registered office:
Heinrichstrasse 235
CH-8005 Zurich


CHE-234.307.590 MWST (VAT Number)