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What beliefs do you have about money? Everyone has something. 


Do you think money is evil? Does money grow on trees? Does money create opportunities? Is it a rich man’s world? Does money change people? Are rich people bad? Are you happier and healthier when you have a lot of money? Are you always in debt? Do you always spend all that you earn? Is money a safety net for you? Does money equal status? Can money change lives for the better? Do you have an earning ceiling? What do you think? And where do these beliefs come from?


Through family, society, peers, friends, work and more, we collect assumptions, statements and beliefs about money that we believe to be true. We are often tested when older generations pass away through sibling rivalry over inheritance matters. We sometimes feel guilty through having money, as if we do not deserve it.


Some of these beliefs help us and some of these hinder us. It’s time to look at what we believe and change those that do not serve us into something that will allow us to invite money, wealth and abundance into our lives.


In this workshop, using hypnotherapy, we will discover what your personal money beliefs are, go to the root causes of these, release and replace them permanently with positive beliefs that serve and uplift your life. Hypnotherapy is a systematic and facilitated approach to ensure that your subconscious mind is fully aligned with what you want to achieve.


Join Astuti Martosudirdjo and Selina Man Karlsson at this workshop, where we will cover the following points:-

  • Identify what a healthy relationship with money for you looks like
  • Discover your personal beliefs about money
  • Uncover the root cause of your beliefs using group hypnotherapy
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind using positive and uplifting beliefs
  • Join a supportive network that will help you grow on your own terms.

Do you want a life with positive money experiences? Join us by registering for a space on this workshop now.

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About Astuti Martosudirdjo

Astuti Martosudirdjo is the Founder of Almarea, a Zurich-based international executive search and personal development boutique. 

She set up Almarea because she wanted to follow her own ideals on how talent is to be discovered and nurtured. She has more than 15 years of executive recruitment experience and is recognized as a Life catalyst by her clients in helping them in making the most of learning opportunities, both in their careers and their lives. She guides her clients to uplift their lives, break the glass ceiling that holds them back and support them in making their plans to go forward.

“Walks her talk, tough love, light yet deep, a caring challenger, has strong views yet not pushy, speaks to both heart and mind, a safe support for being vulnerable” are some words used by her clients to describe her style.

Trained as a Certified Hypnotherapist by Marisa Peer and a Life Coach, she developed AlmareaTransform as her signature program, which is a self-transformation process best suited for individuals who are truly ready to uplift their lives, living their lives unapologetically with a strong sense of purpose. She provides deep and profound support for clients needing a holistic transformation approach or just hypnotherapy.

Having lived in the UK, Indonesia, Thailand, US, Netherlands, and now in Switzerland, Astuti enjoys her ability to deeply connect with people of different cultural and professional backgrounds. She speaks English and Bahasa Indonesia fluently.


Co-host of the workshop:

Selina Man Karlsson is the founder of Curious Courses and Curious Development. Curious Development provides speakers enabling companies to inspire, develop and transform their teams through professional and influential keynotes and workshops.

Selina is a British born Chinese and has lived in Zurich since 2002. She is committed to personal development and growth and constantly challenges herself and others around her. She worked for a large financial institution for 13 years, first within IT in London, then as a Client Advisor for the Hong Kong Market followed by a Business Manager position in Compliance in Zurich.

Selina is a speaker on the topics “The Power of Networking”, “Step out of your comfort zone” and “Finding your passion”. She has been a member of Toastmasters for more than 10 years.

Does this describe you?

  • You are called to contribute to the wellbeing of others and still figuring out how to do it…
  • You give a lot of yourself in what you do but don’t feel that you are acknowledged nor appreciated enough…
  • You feel there is definitely more to life; that you are ready to lift off to the next level in life yet it is just not happening…
  • You feel unsure on how to deal with changes in your life…

If yes and you are ready to change it, the Yinfluence workshop is for you!


We want to be mission-driven leaders, thinkers and doers with a deep desire to make a difference in the world. Obviously, having a ridiculous amount of fun and an epic adventure along the way.


Building lifelong friendships - taking our life, career and business to the next levels - collaborating on new business ventures - learning cutting-edge new economy systems & tools – living live unapologetically- tackling issues that improve lives.


All these mean only one thing: we have to break the limitations and shells we created around ourselves. Literally to BREAK FREE from our own self-imposed “prisons”.


With fun-filled and active participation, Yinfluence brings about mind-sets, paradigms, skills, tools and network of inspired individuals to lift us to new heights the minute the workshop ends. It’s like an “Aha” moment that lasts.


Facilitated by Dr. Mel Gill, a world-renowned Executive and Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author and the Producer of the Movie sequel to “The Secret” called THE META SECRET, Yinfluence is going to take us on a journey towards our inner world to realign with our own feminine power.  Yes, the Feminine Power within both women and men!


Everyone is born with the Yin (the feminine energy) and Yang (the masculine energy). These energies manifest in how we feel, think, and connect with others and ourselves. Keeping Yin and Yang equilibrium is essential to be the fuller version of us. In the world we live in today, our Yang is usually over tapped and we underutilise or even neglect our Yin, often unconsciously. This must change!


Yinfluence is an exploration and realignment process with the Yin in each of us. Using psychology and Common Sense peppered with the latest findings in Neuroscience, we will get clarity on how the blockages are built on and around our Yin qualities to then transform the energy within into Power that moves us forward and above.

A glimpse into a few of the topics that will be covered, watch the video clips here:


IMAGINE for a few seconds...

·      Imagine living a life filled with fun, happiness, awe, and epic adventure

·      Imagine connecting, collaborating, and quantum leaping with inspired people just like us – when we release that BLOCK holding us back.

·      Imagine forgiving that part of us that has struggled so far – saving us massive amounts of wasted time, money, and mistakes

·      Imagine surrounding ourselves with happy, healthy, and supportive people from now on just by turning on a tiny switch in our Thinking Process.

·      Imagine writing the future chapters in our lives - versus others writing those chapters for us

Let’s take this QUANTUM LEAP together!


Early bird price (paid before Sept 30th 2015): CHF 380 (incl. VAT)

Full price: CHF495 (incl. VAT)

For a group registration together (2 – 6 people), 15% discount is applicable. For a group of 7 and more, 20% discount is offered. The discount is from either Early Bird price or Full price.

For more information, please visit or contact us at


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About Dr. Mel Gill

Psychotherapist Dr. Mel Gill is an inspirational speaker, coach, author, movie maker and philosopher. He is one of the world's leading experts in Personal Development and a Mentor to countless Speakers and Trainers around the world.

As a world-class Inspirational Guru, Dr. Gill has delivered motivational seminars to more than 5 million people in more than 70 countries for the past 30 years both in person as well as through his daily 3 hour program "Uncommon Sense" radio show. Through years of hard work and life experience as he battled physical and emotional limitations, Dr. Gill has achieved global recognition as a Master Trainer and Master Motivator. He has been recognized by the Business Times and The Sentinel as one of the Top Asian American Motivational Speakers.

He is an internationally-recognized Training Consultant and is also Corporate Advisor to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, among others Unilever, Dunn & Bradstreet, IBM USA, 3M USA.

Dr. Gill earned his position as Certified and Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Trainer in NLP in 1985. He is currently the President of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Psychology, and he was instrumental in bringing NLP to Asia in the late eighties.

In between making movies, developing strategies, goals and programs for large Multi-National companies and delivering motivational and transformational seminars, Dr. Gill has also written more than 150 books. He is the author of the International Best-Selling Book 'Uncommon Sense' and most recently 'The Meta Secret', which has been taken up by publishers in more than 20 countries so far. He is also the director of the movie of the same name.

He believes that Wealth is like “Connecting-The-Dots”. All successful people have left clues about how to replicate their successes. After 30 years of research in NLP, Psychology and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Gill has distilled some powerful strategies and hidden secrets that only the super successful knows. In a fun way and with humor, he breaks them down into easy action steps that enable his students to achieve their goals and create an extraordinary life!

For more information about Dr. Mel Gill, please go to